Healthy Lifestyle Blog For Those Who Want To Become Better

After the birth of children, the family of a Swedish art director and a Danish graduate of the Faculty of Sociology of the University of Copenhagen joined the healthy lifestyle. Their blog shows just how beautiful and inspiring healthy eating can be. 

David is responsible for photography and design, and has many years of vegan experience, the publication of five books of original recipes and two awards for his own culinary applications. Louise has a second degree as a nutritionist and is doing core content: her scientific approach can be trusted.

Sarah creates a cozy space for people who want to learn how to take better care of themselves through diet and lifestyle. The idea for the blog – how to make healthy decisions every day – came about after she adopted a holistic diet and lifestyle in 2007 and saw a huge change in herself. 

Just a few small changes, but every day, helped the girl gain health, vigor and beauty. Do you want the same? Study Sarah’s blog and try to find useful insights for yourself.

Russian-speaking blogger Olga Malysheva has been adhering to the idea of ​​separate nutrition and moderate vegetarianism for many years. The girl has an ideal appearance and every day she talks about how to achieve such results, just by changing her lifestyle. 

Her food is not like a diet: you will not see so many goodies, sweets and temptations in any culinary show. Olga will teach you how to cook vitamin smoothies, chocolate desserts and tempting salads that will make you slimmer and prettier day by day.

Russ discovered celiac disease a few years ago, a condition in which the body does not absorb flour and most grains. Try to live without pasta, white rice, pies and bread – how will you manage it? In fact, these foods, which most people get intestinal intolerance, bad skin, bad breath and excess weight, are not at all necessary for daily consumption. 

“Home man” prepares amazing dishes, looking at which you would never guess that they are dietary. However, Russ is slender, energetic, fit, radiant with health – and teaches each of us the same.

A blog dedicated to the concept of wellness – a combination of whole foods, exercise, mental health, healthy relationships and mindfulness. The food here is just a part. But this is the part to start with in order to feel good, enjoy life, slow down your mind by focusing on tasks, and strengthen relationships by gathering loved ones around the table. The blog author publishes recipes he has created over a decade, included in two author’s cookbooks and the weekly Sprouted Kitchen Cooking Club meal planning program.